Ruffner Roots & Ramblings

The Official Publication of the Ruffner Family Association

 Since January of 1998, the Ruffner Family Association has published this quarterly newsletter, the main purpose of which is to ensure the continuity of research by individuals and organizations; to record the ongoing history and maintain interest in the heritage of not only Ruffner descendants, but descendants of all people who settled the Northern Shenandoah Valley.

Ruffner Roots & RamblingsIt was clear from the beginning of this publication that new revelations would emerge, new information would surface and new stories could be told further whetting the appetite of those who may be history buffs and/or amateur genealogy researchers.

We strive to include a feature story in each issue. Usually a story not recorded in our family history or an old story which we may now retell due to the emergence of previously unknown facts. In addition, this 8-to-12 page publication includes details of upcoming reunions and/or meetings, a message from our association president, research tips, news from the past and/or present, family news (obits, births, marriages, events, etc.).

You may contribute to the preservation of our history by sending us your stories. It could be something passed down from generation to generation; a fact based historical chronicle of an ancestor or even an old family photo with descriptive comments. Stories (preferably in Word format) or photos (preferably in jpeg) may be sent to us electronically or submit a hard copy of the article and/or photo.

All originals will be returned. Do not send original historical documents; a clean unfolded photocopy will be sufficient.

For making submissions, or for more information about the RR&R, contact:

Joan Ruffner Reid, Editor
Ruffner Roots & Ramblings
4705 Wenham Park
Columbus, OH 43230

 In order for the RFA to maintain a high-quality quarterly publication, distribution is limited to the association’s paid membership and a select list of genealogy/history libraries. Membership information is included on this website.  The information you receive, the family news, historic photos, stories and family news will be well worth the cost of membership.

 Join us today!  Then, read about our legacy in the RR&R.

Here are articles from the early issues of the RFA newsletter.