Historic Sites and Monuments

The following is a listing of  Ruffner related historic sites and monuments.

Luray, Virginia

  • The Ruffner House
  • Willow Grove Mill
  • Yankee Sams (Original Home Of Benjamin Ruffner)
  • Reuben Ruffner Cabin
  • Mark Ruffner Home
  • Isabella Furnace (Redwell Furnace Site)
  • Fort Stover
  • John Ruffner Log House
  • Calendine
  • Mauck Meeting House
  • White House
  • Massanutten Monument
  • Strickler, Brubaker, Long, Kaufman, Burner & Beaver Homes In Massanutten
  • Fort Egypt
  • John Ruffner Brick Home
  • Marcus Grove Home – Locust Grove Inn
  • Abraham Heiston-Daniel  Strickler Stone House
  • Green Hill Cemetery
  • William Staige  Marye  Monument – Green Hill
  • Massanutten School
  • Accokeek Farm
  • Hawksbill Primitive Baptist Church
  • Fort Stover
  • Peter & Mary Steinman Ruffner Monument
  • Meadow Mills Farm (Christian Grove Home)
  • Emanuel Ruffner Farm
  • Ruffner Plaza
  • Barbee Confederate Monument
  • Mill Creek Primitive Baptist Church

Lexington, Virginia

  • Dr. Henry Ruffner’s House On W&L Campus
  • Henry Ruffner’s First Home On Preston Street
  • Stonewall Jackson Home

Harrisonburg, Virginia

  • William Henry Ruffner Home – The Cedars

Farmville, Virginia

  • Ruffner Complex, Longwood College

Charleston, West Virginia

  • Ruffner Historical Marker – Ruffner Memorial Park
  • Fort Clendenin Monument
  • Kanawha Riflemen Monument – Ruffner Memorial Park
  • Grave of Joseph & Ann Ruffner – Ruffner Memorial Park
  • Holly Grove Mansion – Home of Daniel Ruffner
  • Ruffner Memorial Church
  • Kanawha Presbyterian Church
  • First Presbyterian Church
  • Memorial Sign – Daniel Boone Park
  • Spring Hill Cemetery
  • Rosedale – Log Home Of Joseph & Ann Ruffner
  • Craik-Patton House & Boone Park
  • Malden Town Sign – Ruffner Salt Works
  • John Hale House, Malden
  • Booker T. Washington Park
  • African Zion Baptist Church,  Malden, WV
  • Kanawha Salines Presbyterian Church
  • Cedar Grove (Augustus Ruffner House)
  • Augustus Ruffner Monument (Spring Hill Cemetery)
  • Ruffner Burial Ground, Malden, WV – Graves Of
  • David Ruffner, Henry Ruffner & Lewis Ruffner
  • Ruffner Well Historical Marker, Malden, WV
  • The Putney House, Malden
  • Booker T. Washington Memorial, State Capitol Grounds

Eleanor, West Virginia

  • The Red House

Birmingham, Alabama

  • Ruffner Mountain

Kennesaw, Georgia

  • Southern Museum Of Civil War
  • (Andrews Raiders – Sgt. Major Marion Andrew Ross)

Lancaster, Ohio

  • Harmon-George House “Three Springs Farm”
  • Zane’s Trace
  • Keller House
  • Mary Ruffner Bridge
  • George Ruffner Home, Pleasantville
  • William Ruffner Home, Pleasantville
  • Pleasant Run Cemetery
  • Pleasant Run Baptist Church
  • Ruffner-Rowles House
  • Ruffner-Friend Cemetery
  • Emanuel Ruffner Cabin
  • Ruffner-Rowles Farm Barn
  • Emanuel Ruffner Conestoga Wagon
  • Stevenson-Ruffner Cemetery
  • The Pleasantville Mill
  • Ira Spitler Farm
  • Numerous Other Cemeteries – Bremen, Forest Rose In Lancaster,
  • New Salem, Thurston, West Rushville, Etc.

Ashland County, Ohio

  • The Ruffner Monument (Martin Ruffner)

Galena, Ohio

  • Ruffner Park (John Morgan Ruffner)

Rio Grande, Ohio

  • Nehemiah & Eve Ruffner Wood Home (Bob Evans Farm)

Cincinnati, Ohio

  • The Taft House (Ernest Howard Ruffner)

Crawfordsville, Indiana

  • Henry Ruffner Home

Louisville, Kentucky

  • Cave Hill Cemetery
  • (Burial Place Of Viola Knapp Ruffner & Col. Ernest Howard Ruffner)

Jerome, Arizona

  • Site of Morris Andrew Ruffner’s Copper Mine Claim In 1876
  • (Site Became Famous United Verde)
  • Mine Museum, Downtown Jerome

Prescott, Arizona

  • Hotel St. Michael
  • Sharlott Hall Museum
  • Site of Ruffner Plaza Stables Historic Plaque
  • Palace Saloon
  • Ruffner-Wakelin Funeral Home
  • Elks Opera House
  • 1903 Carnegie Library

Places & Things Names Ruffner

  • Ruffner Middle School, Norfolk, VA
  • William Ruffner Middle School, Roanoke, VA
  • Ruffner Hall (Curry School Of Education)
  • University Of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA
  • Ruffner Elementary School, Charleston, WV


  • Ruffner Road, Irondale, AL
  • Ruffner Road, Alexandria, VA
  • Ruffner Avenue, Northridge, Ca
  • Ruffner Road, Niskayuna, NY
  • Atlin Mine Road, British Columbia
  • Ruffner Avenue, Charleston, WV
  • Ruffner Street, Seattle, WA