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RFA Membership Form:

Apply for an annual or lifetime membership in the Ruffner Family Association. Current RFA members may use it to renew their annual membership, or apply for a Lifetime membership.

ON LINE Membership Form
Updated RFA-Membership-Application-Form -WORD

Updated RFA-Membership-Application-Form– PDF  

RFA Information Request Form:

Contact the RFA about submitting information on your relationship to our Ruffner family, or inquire about the RFA and its activities.

ON LINE RFA Information Form
RFA Information Request Form– PDF

RFA Endowment Fund

Endowment Fund Information Request Form

Obtain specific information about the Fund.

The Ruffner Family Historical Archive – PDF
The Ruffner Family Historical Archive – WORD

Endowment Fund Contribution Form
Provide information about each donation to the Fund and specify the designations for the contribution’s use(s).

Archive Pledge Card – PDF
Archive Pledge Card – WORD